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According to the world economic outlook, Romania will record in 2018 the largest economic growth in Europe. The GDP growth rate in Romania in 2017 is estimated at 6.1% and 197B euros, so Romania is in a strong process of economic development with significant investments in real estate and business.
Bucharest is currently one of the densest cities in Europe with more than 90% of the total metropolitan population living inside city limits. In addition, Bucharest is the capital with a constant population growth in the last ten years and with a demand on the real estate and business market. The average salary is 657 euros+11%YoY. Also, according to the media, in the last year there were more than 21% YoY requests for homes with the average price over 1,230 euros/sqm. As the demand for real estate grew the average price increased with 13%YoY.
Taking in consideration all these facts, Bucharest represent today a very good opportunity for investments. THE GREEN SATELLITE is the most important project of the North of Bucharest in the last years (over 1.000.000 sqm as built surface). The masterplan is under approval, having the full support of local authorities. THE GREEN SATELLITE is the main engine for urban development in this important area of the city, with the greatest chance to become the image of the 21st Century Bucharest.


Business Elements
The site is located in the immediate proximity of the American School of Bucharest, in a full urban development area, near the newest residential complexes built in recent years. The area is surrounded by many residential complexes, built in the last five - ten years, another four important developments being in progress or under approval.
The GREEN SATELLITE has mixed activities – shopping malls, cinemas, office buildings, banks, showrooms, shops and apartments. The site is also well connected with Bucharest by public transport lines and the Ring Road. A possible extension of the existing Metro line from Pipera station (inside Bucharest) and the site project is also in the Public Administration existing strategy. Similarly to the whole north area of Bucharest, the GREEN SATELLITE has an increased potential for employment in IT industry, social and public services and represent the perfect urban space for a productive and united community.
Social Elements
The GREEN SATELLITE is an inspired fusion of contemporary design, a new urban pole for middle and high class, with facilities for families, children, teenagers, specialists and active business community, set exclusively within 26,00 ha of outstanding natural beauty. The site is located between two forests and gives a natural landscape in the middle of the metropolis. The local environment is a heaven for outdoor activities, relax and mixed-use.
Also, the site gives privacy in a beautiful environment, with an elegant architectural approach. This transforms the resident life into a relaxing one with increased intimacy and high quality living.


Located in the immediate proximity of the American School of Bucharest, the Green Satellite is located in a priority area for urbanization, according to the approved Voluntari General Masterplan. Containing dwellings, shopping malls, cinema, office buildings, banks, shops and showrooms, the project can be developed into independent stages, simultaneously or in different phases.
Single ownership of the existing land is a huge advantage for joint-venture with private developers. Also, the Voluntari City Hall strategy is to develop this year the entire area using European funds for transport infrastructure and utilities network.
The complex is designed to accommodate 200.000 sqm of commerce, 100.000 sqm offices of and more than 600.000 sqm for apartments. More than 40.000 sqm are dedicated to community buildings – medical services, spa, health & fitness facilities, an indoor swimming pool, kindergartens, public services and more, and 20.000 sqm for green areas. Another 40.000 sqm are dedicated to leisure, entertainment and arts. Parking lots are located along the border streets and more than 25.000 sqm car parks are located in multistore garage buildings. The 21.000 sqm pedestrian boulevard represents the green spine of the entire complex, all the activities being linked with it.
The ensemble is based on modern views, giving ascendant perspectives looking from the promenade. The floors look like layers with gardens and opened terraces all around. The apartments will have rooms full of light and open space that makes the residents feel closer to nature.

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Bucharest Green Satellite

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